DeWalt Right Angle Adapter Attachment – DWARA100

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The DeWalt Right Angle Adapter Attachment – DWARA100 this is definitely the best right angle adapter to fit your your 18 volt NI Cad battery. The Nickel cadmium batteries provide great power and therefore are a fast recharge nonetheless they do not have any “charge anytime” capability of the Lithium Ion battery packs. To extend the life associated with a NI Cad battery it has to be fully discharged before recharging.

This isn’t a drill adapter that you’re going to use every day but if you’re a construction professional this can be a tool that whenever needed is practically essential. If you’re drilling a 4 inch hole in timbers you’ll need your hole hawg however there are places where a hole hawg just wont go and you don’t want you or perhaps your help to be struggling and squandering precious time attempting to fit a drill into a place where it was never intended or created to go.This neat drill is able to squeeze into tight spaces and at the same time provide power and performance.

This tool comes with a 3/8 inch chuck accessories, however I would suggest that you swap it with a 1/2inch chuck. Dewalt should take note and supply this drill generate 1/2 inch chuck as standard. A tip for shopping this drill is that it originates form most online outlets with two batteries as standard whilst in most stores this design has one battery. Then when doing price comparisons dont forget pay attention to the batteries. The 2 within the serial signifies 2 batteries.

The DeWalt Right Angle Adapter Attachment – DWARA100 is just what i long for capable of drilling 3 inch holes in joisting as 3/4 inch holes for water pipe with a sink in an internal cabinet. It is so easy to handle weighing in well below a 10 pounds and grinding out 300 inch/pounds of torque in low speed mode with a handy variable speed trigger and available reverse mode.

Battery pack is interchangeable with all the other Dewalt 18 vole Ni Cad powered tools.


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