Tools For The Beginning DIYer – Power Tools

I’m often asked about what I think are the best power tools for the beginning do-it-yourselfer. It’s a question that truly has no one right answer and will be dependent on many different factors…. needs, budget and goals. I try to go over some of the considerations someone should consider and then select a variety of basic tools that I feel might be a good starting point for the beginning DIYer on a budget.
My selections are not necessarily the ‘best’ tools for all jobs, but rather a starting point for someone looking to acquire some basic and useful tools. Please note that I made this list with budget and compactness in mind for it to be inclusive for those that may not have the extra room for a table saw, miter saw, etc,… OR a booming budget;) So the tools on the list may not necessarily be the best at a certain task, BUT can accomplish a task while being affordable as well as storable.

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